“I read Gracie Lou to my kindergarten classes and they loved it! It is a sweet story that inspires the imagination. My students loved telling me about the lands that they would travel to if they were Gracie Lou! It would be fun to have younger children draw pictures of the lands that THEY imagined after reading this story. The book would also be a great springboard for creative writing for older children and would help students understand how their writing can come alive by incorporating the five senses. Highly recommended!”

N. Petrosino

“Gracie Lou is both whimsical and educational, teaching children about the importance of imaginative play when their environments might not be able to provide them with the stimulation they are seeking. As a therapist, I think it’s imperative that children learn to use imagery as a coping skill, and Gracie Lou sends a clear message about the benefits of using one’s own mind to change an emotional experience.”

Amazon Customer

“My children and my students Love Gracie Lou and her adventures. I love how Gracie Lou is always “ready for something new.” Very heartwarming and creative. We look forward to future books from the author.”

J. Frear

“I read this with my 3 grandsons before bedtime at my house and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They were captivated by the illustrations and loved Gracie Lou’s adventures. Before writing a review, I asked them what they thought of the book and they all thought it was great. Even after two weeks, they could retell their favorite parts of the story. As an educator, I loved the predictability for emerging readers; building confidence is very important for them. Can’t wait for more from the author!”

Happily Retired

“Absolutely adorable! Both of my girls love this book! They love the adventures that Gracie Lou goes on and the “little clues” that the author weaves throughout the pages. We cannot wait to read other books by this author!”

Kelly Parsons