Poems by Larissa


By Larissa Juliano

Walking in the hallway…quiet voices…can I wiggle??
I’m never line leader.

Lunch was yucky. Hard hot dog bun.
I don’t like mashed potatoes…and I’m still hungry.

So many choices.
Too many choices.
Snack time, lunch time, rest time – are these really choices?

Name on the board. Sigh. I was just telling my friend he stepped on my shoe. 

I have to go potty. That’s why I’m wiggling.

It’s so hard being five.

 I’m thirsty, hungry, tired. My mommy used to do this all. I miss her.

 My kindergarten pants.
Germs and torn knee pads…Scrapes and stains.
Crumpled sticker backs in my pocket.

 Yes! It’s show and share today.

 This is the littlest I’ll ever be. 

Kindergarten (Mommy)

By Larissa Juliano


You’re walking on the bus…my treasure being trusted to Mr. Bob.

Do you have room to sit? Did the kids scoot over? Are you still cold?
Did your socks get wet walking in the snow?

It’s hard being a mommy. I miss you.
The house is wiggle-less. Lonely.

Decisions. Control – do you have any? Do I give you any? This happened so fast.
Chasing you with a diaper – now I’m chasing you with Spiderman boots.

 What do you do all day? Is everyone being kind? Do the teachers know how special you are? Do they know what makes you laugh? How sensitive you are?

Now – you’re so tired, all the time.

Worry. Anxiety. Mindfulness. Anxiety about being mindful.
Trying to stay in the present day.

This is the littlest you’ll ever be.

Kindergarten Poems Copyright 2019: Larissa Juliano. 

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