Top Tens

Top Ten People Power Books (ok Top 15 :))

Literature Lessons

This literature focus explores the power of EMPATHY, POSITIVITY, KINDNESS, and BRAVERY in characters and how it changes lives. I create posters of the above character traits and then ‘debate’ which fits best for the literature. Students can reflect on their OWN ‘inner powers’ through their own backgrounds and life experiences…which naturally produces thoughtful discussions. I really love to let them share how they interpret the story and I validate their feelings…any thoughts on literature are our OWN innermost reactions, and they are all valid, important, and authentic…one of the best parts of being with our younger readers…no filter!!

My top ten favorite books about kindness….for all ages. There are so many I wanted to share, but these ones in particular tug at my heartstrings. And they also exemplify and portray a sense of innocence in the characters which makes them feel more relatable to our young readers. (PS- I will probably edit this post three more times thinking of 100 books I forgot to mention….seriously. Authors have such good hearts…)