All about Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is bored. And lonely. What is a little girl to do when there’s nowhere to go and no one to play with?

Wish upon a star…

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As Gracie Lou travels through the starry sky to magical lands, she experiences exciting and whimsical adventures that ignite all her five senses. Larissa Juliano delivers a captivating, imaginative, and thought- provoking story inspired by a childhood favorite…The Little Prince. Readers will delight in the vivacity of Gracie Lou’s imagination (or is it?) as they anticipate where the curly haired cutie will head to next…

Things to think about when reading Gracie Lou…

  • Why do you think Gracie Lou is sad?
  • How are the five senses used?
  • What are some “sneak peek” and “bonus” pictures in Gracie Lou when she arrives and leaves each land?
  • Did Gracie Lou really travel to the lands or was it her imagination? How do you know?
  • What is your favorite land?
  • Read the author’s dedication…what do you think “pinholes in the sky” means?
  • What are some special things in her room that connect with each land (in the beginning and end)?
  • How is this story similar to The Little Prince? What do the quotes mean to you?
My Gracie Lou
My Gracie Lou…love her.