All About Paddy

Book available in Summer 2017

Paddy Porcupine is a young reader’s story that centers around Paddy and his love of pretzels. Paddy loves pretzels in every shape and form…Sweet, spicy, tiny morsels or long, crunchy pretzel rods all satisfy his endless appetite.

This story will make readers smile as Paddy’s snack eating habits (he loves his vanilla frosting topping!) are described. Unfortunately for Paddy and his family, the Pretzel Making Factory experiences a pretzel ingredient shortage. Woodland creatures from around the country rally together to introduce this town to other yummy treats. Paddy’s predicament will resonate with readers as he meets new friends and opens up his taste buds to new delicacies. Alliteration is creatively used to introduce the other animals and their menu items (“Deer from Dansville brought deviled eggs, Foxes from Phoenix brought fajitas”, etc) along with a joyful and humorous tone…

Paddy Porcupine is a charming depiction of woodland creature’s favorite snack indulgences and how friends come together to save a town from a disastrous pretzel shortage. Perfect for a read-aloud! In production now!