All About Mr. P

Book available soon…

Mr. Pascarelli’s Magical Cobbler Shop is a children’s picture book that takes place in a cobbler shop where a distinct group of shoes come to life and experience all types of adventures.

Readers will find this story a perfect fit to satisfy the universal childhood wonder on whether tangible objects do indeed come to life. Authors Larissa Juliano and Chris Juliano drew inspiration from stories like The Velveteen Rabbit and Peter Rabbit and believe that a classic bedtime story to read on the laps of our parents never goes out of style.

In our book, Skip and Scoot are the main characters who are very curious and energetic little plaid boots. They set off on a mission to gather clues and discover the reason for Mr. Pascarelli’s sudden good mood (as well as why he is all of the sudden polishing his long forgotten army boots named ‘The Sergeants”). Through their journey in the cobbler shop, they stumble upon other quirky shoes who each have a story to tell (as poetically written on the first few pages of our book), get into mischief while trying to escape Jefferson, find themselves lost in the creepy Shoe Graveyard, all to find out a Readers will love the sentimental and and surprising ending…surely to make a connection with many families.