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Larissa is a Teami Blends and Young Living Loyalty Member with her sister Marielle
Check back often for new codes and promotions 🙂

Go to and use larissaj at checkout for 10% off every time!
Deeper discounts and deals available monthly as well.

(I’ve already made my purchases- trying the matcha and tea masks!)

larissaAUG12 20% off $49 minimum purchase
larissaBYE12 15% off $34 minimum purchase
  larissaDEAL12 25% off $99 minimum purchase
larissaj  10% off

Note: Codes cannot be used through Amazon checkout- only Teami Blends website 🙂
#teamiblends #thankyouteami

Postcard - Teami Detox

A fresh and healthy lifestyle for allDetox, cleanse, rejuvenate, energize, focus, and relax

Click here to order any YL products from Larissa

Note: You can simply click on “Add more products” if you do not want to have a starter kit or rewards program enrollment.
(However if you opt to sign up for rewards program you will get the best discount for optimal health, rewards, and tea pairings- super simple.)

Shift where you spend your money!


Marielle’s Foodie Lovers Website:


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