Honey, what did you read at school today? by Larissa Juliano

Nerdy Book Club Post!! So amazing. Can’t wait to share more with this amazing community of readers and writers.

Nerdy Book Club

“The idea of the extraordinary happening in the context

of the ordinary is what’s fascinating to me.”

-Chris Van Allsburg

When I share stories with my children and students, I pay attention to what makes their eyes sparkle…I want to know what makes them feel intrigued and which literature will imprint on their minds as they ride home on the school bus and share about their day around the dinner table. What initially hooks a child as they step into a library, a bookstore, a cozy reading nook?

Illustrations…of course.

But let’s talk about what goes into the writing once the story is being shared. In my experience, enthralling (does not have to be a best-seller, but just thoroughly enjoyed in your story time!) children’s literature has many of the following:

  • Engaging characters (obviously!)

These are books that make kids smile…witty dialogue, vulnerable and authentic emotions, relatable family dynamics. My kids…

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