RALC Writing Workshop

Hosting a workshop for the Rochester Literacy Council at Council Rock Elementary! October 22nd, 2016

Pics to follow!

Participants in this group will be using a variety of children’s literature to spark ideas for writing their own stories or opinion pieces. We will focus on a different types of children’s literature including; current popular picks, silly stories, “Around the World” fiction and non-fiction, thought provoking true stories and more. Participants will gain exposure to a wide variety of children’s authors, styles of writing, and unique illustrations. We will also identify key story elements that make a story memorable, engaging and essential for our own writing! Attendees will also have a“Q and A” opportunity to ask local elementary and library teacher and author, Larissa Juliano, about the publishing process and next steps in making their author aspirations come true. Bring a journal and a favorite children’s book.

Some of my favorites I will be sharing…


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