Small groups & S.T.E.M

I’ve organized these groups and clubs throughout my teaching career, and wanted to show their description that I provided to staff and families. Try one at school or home!

My main focus for the groups (which is not clearly indicated in my descriptions) is to have literature be the primary resource used to introduce our enrichment activities! This allows our kids to see the vast amount of information at their fingertips and more importantly, inspire them in their discovery of topics they love. This also provides more opportunities to tap into sections of the library/bookstore that sometimes get overlooked…i:e: non-fiction math books, medieval century books, gardening books, and more. I also love getting the library kits at the public library and doing a modified version with my own kiddos at home🙂. Space and dinosaurs will be our next focus!

Literature Inspiration a.k.a. ‘What a great book!”

Students in this group will be using a variety of literature to spark ideas for writing their own stories or opinion pieces. Literature will range from silly stories to thought provoking true stories. Students will gain exposure to a wide variety of authors, styles of writing, and unique illustrations. They will also create accompanying illustrations for their writing pieces using different mediums of art. *Presenting at Rochester Literacy Council Writing Workshop October 22nd at Council Rock Elementary in Brighton!

Autumn Investigators

In this science based group, students will investigate different aspects and elements of the autumn season, including a mini pumpkin lab, note-taking using measurement and graphing, experiments and scavenger hunts involving nature, researching autumn related foods and holidays, and creating different visuals to demonstrate their understanding. Students will be enriched in their experiences with various autumn elements, and look at this particular season with newfound knowledge.

Please contact Larissa if you would like her to share one of these workshops/programs with your school, library, or small creative writing group! lasantoriello@aol.com

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